About me

I have extensive legal experience.

Karen Cole

I clerked for two Minnesota judges:  Justice M. Jeanne Coyne on the Minnesota Supreme Court and Judge Robert G. Renner of the U.S. District Court.

I have been an attorney and partner at two major law firms:  Popham Haik and Kennedy & Graven.

My work with judges has given me a sense for what judges look for in reading your briefs and deciding cases.

As an attorney, I have had extensive experience in civil litigation.  I have handled motions and appeals in state and federal courts, in matters ranging from the small to multi-million dollar disputes.

I enjoy working out strategy, and finding hidden arguments and authority. 

I view writing as a craft and an art. 

For more on my background, go here:  http://www.linkedin.com/in/karencolelawyer

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